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Integrated wallboard decoration is not good, we should pay attention to it!

Author:安徽伊宁塑料工艺饰品有限公司 Click: Time:2019-04-25 20:27:05

Advantages of Integrated Wall

1. The integrated wall has unique heat preservation function. The decoration of the integrated wall in the balcony or the roof space of the villa can completely solve the heat caused by the sunshine on the top floor. Moreover, it can achieve remarkable energy-saving effect, and belongs to energy-saving decorative materials highly recommended by the state.

2. The integrated wall has the function of moisture-proof, and is especially suitable for decoration in southern China, especially to solve the problem of wall penetration under the condition of decoration mould.

3. The main material used in the outer layer of the integrated wall is green material. The room after decoration has no odor of environmental protection, while the whole decoration room has less painting process. In order to solve the time and odor of decoration materials, today's installation can be checked in tomorrow, which saves a lot of time.

4. The outer layer of the whole wall has high hardness and can be directly scrubbed with cloth, which thoroughly solves some difficult problems in the cleaning of decorative products. At the same time, the integral wall is made of polyurethane composite technology, which can achieve the effect of no deformation and aging after forming.

5. The disadvantage of integrated wallboard analysis is usually the manufacture, delivery and installation of large blocks, some of which are 6 meters long, which increases the difficulty of handling. Therefore, in the delivery process, special attention should be paid to avoid plate bending.

6. Looking from the appearance of the whole wallboard, it is metal material. When encountering sharp and hard objects, it is easy to scratch and impression is more obvious. Therefore, when decorating the whole wallboard, special attention should be paid to scratching and touching.

Because the cost of integrated wallboard is higher than that of general wallpaper or paint, the price of materials is more expensive than that of general wallboard decoration, but the decoration time of integrated wallboard is shorter and the labor cost is lower, which can offset the cost of integrated wallboard products.

In general

Generally speaking, compared with similar wall decoration materials, although the price is more expensive. But the actual operation is quite different. The whole wall only needs to brush materials directly, and does not need to do the appearance treatment of the wall. It saves a lot of costs. Compared with the whole wall, the price is lower than that of the same decoration material. Therefore, for the current decorative methods of pasting wallpaper and painting, the composite wall is very easy to use.


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